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5 reasons to rent a forklift / reach truck

5 Reasons To Rent A Forklift / Reach Truck

Forklifts and Reach Truck are small industrial vehicles, having a power operated forked platform attached at the front that can be raised and lowered for insertion under a cargo to lift it or move it to another place. Forklifts / Reach Truck are powered by electric batteries or combustion engines, depending on their uses in the industrial setting. High initial costs in the purchase of forklifts/reach trucks generally led many companies to rent it for some time instead.

Below are some of the reasons to rent a forklift/reach truck in Malaysia :

Renting a forklift/Reach Truck allows for flexibility. The company only have to pay for the number of hours rented for the equipment. This allows the company to budget for the forklift/reach truck usage and plan the schedule accordingly. Operators have to maximize limited time of the forklift availability in order to complete the shifting process.

Besides this, renting a forklift/reach truck allows the company to have a fixed cost and a viable budget. Forklift/reach truck rental contracts usually have a fixed daily, weekly or monthly cost, depending on the contract length. You won’t spend time guessing or adding in additional fees for replacement parts or maintenance.

Renting forklift/reach truck also ensures that the construction or a project keeps moving forward. The rental company bears the routine maintenance cost. The company also has the option to switch for other forklift models in the case of machine breakdown.

Renting a forklift/reach truck also allows multiple choices for the company. In the case of a change in the forklift/reach truck model from electrical to petrol or diesel machine, renting gives the best option to meet the current need of the company.

Renting a forklift/reach truck is also cost-friendly to a small company. Forklifts can be a costly investment. As machines start to depreciate from the moment of initial use, one cannot recover the original cost if they decide to sell it even within a short period of time. Renting helps a company to avoid these large expenses.

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